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  • POP Floor Display to Launch Exclusive Line of Watches With Walmart




    ELGIN is a trusted name in watches that has been the brand of choice of hard working Americans for over 140 years. Sold in over 4,000 retail locations, ELGIN has earned the respect of American workers through its combination of high quality, durability, and affordability.

    Continuing this tradition, ELGIN has partnered with Mike Rowe to develop an exclusive line of watches that will be available this November in select Walmart stores. For those unfamiliar, Mike Rowe hosts the televison show Dirty Jobs and is also the founder of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. The Foundation was started by Rowe as an initiative to help renew the respect and dignity for skilled labor which literally built this country. ELGIN already supports Rowe's organization so the idea to collaborate on a watch collection that donates a portion of the proceeds to the Foundation was a perfect fit. 

    To kick-off the launch at Walmart and offer exclusive visibility for the new line, both partners chose to debut the watches with a rough and rugged POP floor stand. Before we comment on the display itself, we must point out the unique approach taken for the packaging. All of the watches are merchandised in open-faced packaging that consists of several layers of die cut and glued kraft corrugate. The only thing holding the watches in place is a lock strap on the back of the packaging. Considering that there is a specific method in layering all of the corrugate to build each package, these must've been time intensive from an assembly perspective......all well worth it when viewing the final results!

    Back to the display : The 12 tray, two-sided display design is rather tall but works well for this promotion. The entire surface of the shelves and body are printed with a diamond plate graphic....a very appropriate visual finish that compliments Mike Rowe's brand. A really nice element are all of the foam core cog-wheel-shaped die cuts that are affixed to both sides of the display in a staggered pattern. These foam core components convey trade images, pricing and product features. Mike Rowe branding elements on the riser and base added the finishing touches. Overall, this promotion represents a well executed and timely campaign that is sure to sell watches this holiday season. All of the rough and rugged, no-frills watches will retail at $35.