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    42mm Suction Cup with thumb tack Product Details:

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    The Suction Cup with thumbtack - 1-5/8" Dia. is a semi-permanent attaching system that works especially well on glass windows and doors or any other flat, polished surface.

    The 9000T measures 1-5/8"dia. and comes with a plastic tack that sticks into the center of the suction cup to hold literature, banners etc.

    *A Note about Weights - P.O.P. Superstore makes no claims as to the weight retaining capabilities of our suction cups. They are designed for lightweight applications only. If you need to determine if the items we carry will work for you, we recommend making a small purchase of them to see for yourself if it will work for your needs. P.O.P. Superstore and its parent company Merchandising Inventives will not be held responsible for the use of our product once it leaves our facility.


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