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    Clamp Clips for Holding Price Tags & Cards

    Sign ClipThis clamp clip, also called a memo holder, is the ideal way to advertise an upcoming sale, event or display promotional information. This display fixture is made to easily fit into tight locations on a wicker basket or candy checkout bin. Each sign clip that can clamp onto wire shelving is great for candy stores. The memo holder has different sized tops. The displays' tops can hold signs up to 3/8" thick. This clip clamp that can fit into tight locations has small bottom width of anywhere between 1/2"w to 4-1/4"w. The displays' ability to fit onto cluttered baskets makes this a great tool and versatile with where they can go. Each sign clip that is constructed from plastic helps to keep the price of this fixture low. The ability to buy these displays by the hundreds makes this product a cost effective tool to help market any business today!

    What are some of the business locations that can use these clip clamps are used effectively?
    • The grocery store on the deli or seafood counters to hold price labels.
    • At a retail store checkout for pushing impulse items.
    • In the spa or salons, to present information about different cosmetic and hair products.
    • In toy stores on any wire baskets or shelving units to promote sale prices.
    • Candy shops labeling different products being held in each wire basket.
    • Coffee shops to display various coffee beans.

    Sign ClipIs the clamp clip an effective labeling tool? Yes, not only is the cost kept down due to the material being used but these holders can be reused over and over again. This sign clip has chrome metal-plated clips that are made with durability in mind for lasting use. The memo holders are made with ball joints to give labels being held more flexibility in how they are displayed. This sign clip can have anywhere from 1 to 3 ball joints depending on the unit purchased. These message holders offer a clear way to view certain items a business wants to highlight with a sale . Each sign clip can help reduce customer questions when they are uncertain of what label is for what item in the metal racking.These displays, will clearly represent the items they are labeling.

    What are some of the key features this sign clip has when compared to other display fixtures?
    • First off the display has a rather small bottom width that can be anywhere from 1/2"w to 4-1/4"w depending on the product purchased.
    • The displays have clamps on the bottom for grabbing onto basket, wire fixtures, magazine racks and more.
    • The top clamps are great for holding signs up to 3/8" thick depending on the unit purchased.
    • Labels can differ in sizes as some displays have wider tops for holding bigger signs to display as much information as possible.
    • The memo holder can display custom graphics in either portrait or landscape format and even display signs back to back allowing labels to be seen from either direction.

    Sign ClipThe retail display, sign clip is a very versatile point of purchase tool. The store display can be used where customers tend to make impulse purchases. The memo holder can be placed at the store checkout in the magazine or candy racks to attract attention to the items. This tool can really push last minute products when used with eye-catching signage. One of the best features of these displays are the small size to fit virtually anywhere. These label displays come in a wide range different heights. These holders sizes can range from 3"h to 12-1/8"h.