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    I have to be honest and admit that my bathroom is the most neglected room in my home. That was, of course, until the team at Howards Storage World sprinkled some of their organisational magic over this left-behind area; transforming it into a ship-shape space that I’m now smitten with!

    I think it’s all about utilising the area effectively when it comes to the bathroom. It’s often the smallest room in the home, after all. So if you’re feeling a bit cramped in this zone, here are some ideas to revitalise the space and open it up for Autumn.


    This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. Howards Storage World bamboo ShelfABOVE: Obsessing over the Bamboo Shelf and Umbra House Tissue Box 

    Clear the Clutter

    People say that they lose a sock in the washing machine; I lose toiletries under the sink! A nifty vanity organiser changed the entire look and feel of this zone in my bathroom, leaving me with an area that houses everything I need to get ready in the morning. And PS: the suction razor holders have changed my life (and can be popped in the shower, too).

    Howards Storage World vanity organiserABOVE: The Mesh Vanity Organiser banished under-the-sink horror
    BELOW: The Classic Suction Razor Holders  utilises unused space!

    Classic Suction Razor Holder


    Previous Suction Razor Holder Product



    Classic Suction Razor Holder Product Details:



    Short on bathroom storage? Need a durable yet temporary solution? If you’re after a smart solution to your everyday bathroom dilemmas, the traditional quality acrylic suction range is for you!

    The Classic Suction Razor Holder is a quality solution looks great and will help you to maximise space right where you need it!

    Simply moisten the suction cup and push into place on clean, smooth, dry surfaces for effective adhesion. These surfaces have to be non-porous - painted surfaces or porous tiles will not hold the item.

    •Holds one razor
    •Can be easily moved
    •Acrylic hook
    •Dia 4.5cm

    Use Your Walls

    If you’re stuck for real estate when it comes to the floor space in your bathroom, it’s time to take things up! This means not only bringing in a shower caddy like the bamboo one I’ve used below, but also consider shelving that can house towels, tissues, face cloths, soaps and anything else you need to use daily.

    Howards Storage World bamboo shower caddyABOVE: Shamboo Shower Caddy to the rescue!

    Store Medicines Safely 

    Just like my toiletries, my medicines were always getting lost or forgotten about (I’ve purchased about 45 packs of ear drops in the last year!). A trendy medicine box like the one I’ve nabbed for my bathroom is ideal in storing all your easily-accessible lotions and potions. From a design perspective, I’m also going bananas over that black cross. Too good!

    Howards Storage World medicine boxABOVE: I’m loving having all my potions and lotions within easy reach in this Medicine Box

    Add Some Finishing Touches 

    White accessories will make a room feel a lot larger, and the ones I’ve picked up for my space have done just that. I like to keep the bathroom fairly neutral anyway, because I like to evoke a bit of a sanctuary feel (which is where the amazing bamboo bath caddy below comes into play!).

    Howards Storage World products
    ABOVE: Aquala Bamboo Bath Caddy, Milky Tumbler and Milky Lotion Pump