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  • Coolio Display Promotes Refrigerated Products Anywhere In The Store


     oolio Display Promotes Refrigerated Products Anywhere In The Store


    Today's Shopper is making more decisions in-store than ever before!  Brands are likely losing out in the battle at the shelf to get their product into the shoppers' basket if their not utilizing in-store communication to reach the consumer with the right message at the right place.

    For many years the lion's share of prime promotional space has been allocated to non-refrigerated grocery products. Recent evolutionary developments in the category of refrigerated products made the demand for a new promotional in-store tool necessary. Thanks to the COOLIO™ concept, there now is a way to launch and promote refrigerated products out of the limited confines of the fixed permanent coolers of the grocery stores.

    So just what is a Coolio Display? The Coolio is a mobile refrigerated floor display that enables retailers and brands to promote anywhere on the store floor. The image above illustrates some of the unique in-store placements that the Coolio Freshboard can offer. There are several advantages the Coolio offers such as:

    1. Short term promotions for chilled products
    2. Great cooling capacity from 3 to 7 degrees Celsius
    3. Easy to install - plug and play
    4. Great branding opportunities with easy change-outs
    5. 100% recyclable materials
    6. Strong casing offers 3-5 year life cycle

    In addition to all of the features listed above, the Coolio is available is multiple substrates and configurations to suit almost all in-store marketing needs.

    A recent Coolio case study submission highlights the portability of the Coolio as well as the ease of creating a cross-promotion to merchandise multiple products. Alpro, a dairy free soya based cream, utilized a Coolio display to launch a campaign that involved strawberries. Shoppers who purchased 2 cups of strawberries were rewarded one of the Alpro cream products. One of the most valuable things for Alpro was to create an extra opportunity to place their refrigerated products in secondary locations.  

    This complimentary promotion coupled with the versatile Coolio merchandiser pushed sales of both products sky-high! The value proposition enabled consumers to become easily engaged to both offerings.