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  • DK Publishing Offers One Shell of a Floor Stand Display


      DK Publishing Offers One Shell of a Floor Stand Display

    For the readers out there, it is no secret that DK Publishing is the New York Times best selling publisher known for its distinctive, highly visual books, ebooks and apps that inform, inspire and entertain readers of all ages. As part of their Fall 2012 releases, DK Publishing has launched a revised and updated edition of Universe, a dazzling collection of images and insights by renowned astrophysicist Martin Rees whose books deal with sciences, specifically cosmology, that aim to explain highly theoretical scientific concepts in plain English for those who don't have a physics background.

    Full of stunning out-of-this world images reflecting recent advances in space imagery, Universe takes readers on a journey from our solar system.....to the farthest limits of space. All of the gorgeous photos are a great reminder that as much as we appreciate digital, print deserves a special and enduring place in our lives!

    The book hit retail shelves and in store displays last month. For the launch, DK Publishing secured floor space in book retailers across the country with an updatable floor stand display. Consisting of an internal wire structure, this simple design allows both retailer and publisher to add new promotions quickly by changing out the riser card and the shell which covers the base. Offering an abundance of copy space, both of these components add alot of visual appeal and a bit of intrigue for shoppers passing by the display. The primary function of this display is to obviously sell books so the unit was designed to display a feature book that shoppers can try before they buy with additional copies for purchase being stored in the body of the display. 

    Dressing-up a merchandiser that has been granted exclusive retail space is not a new concept but we thought it would be insightful to write this piece as a case study on how brands and retailers can work together to create Point of Purchase displays that offer flexibility, longevity, optimize budgets and deliver a positive ROI for both vested parties.