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  • Design for the Hair Salon Trade is Informative While Simplifying Color Selection



    Henschel-Steinau - Redken's new Color Wall

    Hair salon colorists now have access to the latest color and style trends, information on Redken color products and an easy-to-navigate inline wall system to find color quickly thanks to Henschel-Steinau's Redken Color Wall.

    Redken's new Color Wall marries expansive and informative header graphics with Henschel's patented EZLoad® shelf management system. EZ Load® allows the  product to remain front facing and organized, providing a better shopping experience for the stylists. The Colorist informative shopping experience assists in identifying the best suited Redken color for their clients' needs.

    The new Color Station will be the destination for stylists to shop and learn about Redken's latest innovations, launches and promotions. Complete with a digital tablet and color chips, the Color Station will be stylists' go-to destination for education, formulas, tips and more.

    "Aside from being easier to navigate, the Redken Color Wall and Color Station will help stylists become more comfortable trying new shades and techniques," says Redken Director of Marketing Matthew Sproul. "We've also developed programs like Hidden Gems, which recommends shades and solutions to address stylists' specific problems."

    Henschel-Steinau - Redken's new Color Wall

    "Our design for the Redken Color Wall is successful on a number of levels, from ease-of-use to adding a sophisticated, attractive aesthetic in SalonCentric stores," said Kelli Ludewig, Vice President of Sales at Henschel-Steinau. "The Color Wall and Color Station design provide salon staff with a smart, easy way to maximize efficiency in their service models, which means a better educated employee, streamlined services and ultimately happier salon customers."