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  • Floor Display Crashes Into Walmart


      Many consumers choose to shop at Walmart specifically to save money. Having reclaimed their No. 1 spot on the Fortune 500 list, there is no question that the retailer's refocus on low prices continues to attract frugal shoppers into their stores. In addition to low prices, Walmart continues to expand the "convenience factor" for shoppers.

    When it comes to shopping for a new auto insurance policy, more and more people are heading to the internet for the convenience and speed of getting multiple quotes. Studies indicate that shoppers who use sites that have the ability to generate multiple quotes from several carriers are more apt to purchase policies online.

    Autoinsurance.com and Walmart have teamed up to introduce an auto insurance discount program in select stores across the US. This pilot program is designed to complement Autoinsurance.com's existing sales channels and introduce their products to the broadest audience possible. To launch this initiative, both parties chose to promote using a very large and impactful POP floor stand display. In addition to highlighting both partners, the display's main objective was to showcase all of the brands used to generate quick quotes and to offer shoppers a free savings card which contained a special code for discounted insurance rates.

    Standing well-over six feet tall, this floor display is impressive from all sides. The display appears to have been manufactured using printed and heat bent sintra which was precisely fitted together to form the outer shell. Curious as to what the inner support structure consisted of?

    A lot of cool details were incorporated into the design. Let's start with the tires and rims. All 4 wheels are vacuum formed and imprinted with autoinsurance.com and Walmart copy. To really give these wheels some bling, a shiny metallic substrate was used to form the rims....nice touch. Note - the large margarita glass is not part of the presentation...it was probably abandoned by a patron shopping under the influence!

    Housed in cubbies on both sides of the display are savings cards that were illuminated by a motion sensor light when shoppers reached into to retrieve any of the hooked product. This same light also activated the red light above the rear window.

    The lower section of the unit really grounds the "crash theme" for this display. The cracks in the windshield, crinkled hood and dented side panels provide authenticity and really scream out............hey, you need insurance and we can provide it. The finishing touch down low is the integral mini pallet that was incorporated into the design. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it also enabled store folks to safely maneuver the POP into place on the retail floor. If you get a chance to see this unit, give it a close inspection. It is a really well constructed.

    The kiosk-style display shown above was also found in the same store, at the other entrance. This unit was produced using mostly all corrugate board and could be easily relocated in-store.