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  • How Adapting & Innovating Paves the Pathway to Greater Sales & Profits



    Manufacturers and Producers have been trying to improve their odds in the retail marketplace for years. Regrettably, it is still a losing battle with (1) $25 billion of ineffective spending annually by CPG Manufacturers, (2) an average of only 50% display compliance in stores and (3) seriously unmotivated store managers.

    So, when three CPG colleagues met one day to network and share their most recent successes, the light bulb went on. They realized that, with over 90 years of combined experience and over 750 marketing programs at retail between them, if they joined forces, they could become a powerful entity, capable of going straight into the heart of the retail marketplace. Based on their current perspectives and years of work with companies such as General Mills, Colgate and Unilever, they already knew precisely where the serious gaps were located in the retail marketplace – and that alone gave them a huge advantage.

    But, the real breakthrough came when they devised a carefully orchestrated plan to fill those gaps, thereby enabling Manufacturers and Producers to reap the benefits in an extremely cost-effective manner. How? Through the ability and willingness to adapt, innovate and evolve in order to generate a pathway to greater sales and profits.

    GroRev Marketing developed a working platform that combines their expertise along with select techniques typically used by advertising, merchandising, customer marketing, shopper marketing, media and promotion agencies. The results? A niche company with unique talents, laser-focused on the huge problems marketers face in the retail playing field. In fact, GroRev Marketing can literally eliminate the roadblocks to greater sales and profits at retail. We design and execute customized programs based on each brand’s needs because “one size does not fit all.” The results are “best in class,” truly innovative marketing programs that can achieve a superb ROI, ranging from 400% to 1,000% in sales and 250% to 600% in profit. Small brands at big companies as well as small companies looking for an edge are right in the GroRev sweet spot.

    Now, you might wonder what made GroRev think they could be successful where so many others have failed. The answer is simple — GroRev Marketing threw away the old playbook that had been used with limited success for years. To fill the undelivered void, GroRev Marketing wrote a new playbook, developing “Brand Revenue Generator™” as their platform and various modeling tools to clear the pathway to greater sales & profits, using proprietary methodology that incorporates solutions for managing the “3 Key Touchpoints™” – The Retail Chain HQ, The Store Managers and The Shoppers.

    GroRev Marketing can deliver various combinations of the following, as needed:
    · Greater Retail Chain HQ acceptance
    · An increase of 30%-80% in display compliance in-store
    · Improved quality merchandising
    · New and expanded distribution
    · Better results from new product launches and seasonal opportunities

    … and our clients get everything they hoped for and more — more purchases and more new users.