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  • How Suction Cups Work

    2010/12/13 www.ehow.com

      Suction Cup

    1. A suction cup is a device, usually in the shape of a cup and made of plastic or rubber, which is designed to adhere to a flat surface through suction. Suction cups are a big part of industry, with uses ranging from hanging products on windows to actually transporting large items. Suction cups have been used by people to climb buildings and to keep glass from falling when holes are cut in it. Just how these unusual devices work, though, can be a little difficult to explain.
    2. Vacuum

    3. The concept that's most important, and what makes a suction cup's bond strong, is the creation of a vacuum. When a suction cup is pressed against a surface, it pushes out all of the air beneath it and creates a vacuum between the cup and the surface. This vacuum holds the suction cup tightly, and it will continue to do so until the pressure on the outside of the cup becomes lower than the pressure on the inside of the cup.
    4. Removal

    5. When a suction cup is removed, it creates a loud, popping sound. That is the sound of the air rushing in to fill the vacuum that the suction cup created. A suction cup that is flexible, such as those made of rubber or PVC, can be stretched and tugged while still maintaining its vacuum. Often the vacuum much be broken by peeling up one edge of the suction cup and allowing air to rush in and break the bond.