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  • How to get Adams suction cups to stick

    2015/10/16 Kingfar Suction Cup supplier

    How to get Adams suction cups to stick

    Don't you hate how sometimes some Adams suction cups just don't stick the way you'd like? Well, here is the tricks MomsBudget uses to make sure those Adams suction cups stick, and stick good!

    Do note that glass is the best surface for sticking Adams suction cups, although some walls or other flat surfaces (ie. a flat stainless steel refrigerator) can also successfully hold Adams suction cups.

    First, make sure the suface you are sticking the Adams suction cup on is completely clean. If there is dirt or grit, the suction won't be able to "suck" to hold on. So wipe down the surface first. And yes, even grease and fingerprints can mean a less-than-stellar surface to stick to, so you can wupe down any oils that may be on the surface by using rubbing alcohol.

    Then, when you go to stick the Adams suction cup, get the inside of the Adams suction cup slightly moist right before you suction it onto the wall or glass, as this will help it keep its suck.