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  • KINGFAR became a member of POPAI

    2014/5/22 KING LUI

    KINGFAR is now a member of POPAI
    Our member ID 97158.

    KINGFAR became a member of POPAI on 21 May 2014 which is the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute founded in the USA in 1936.

    The aim of the institute is to enable its members to share interdisciplinary information and experience in the field of point of purchase marketing. In addition, a whole host of Point of Sale market players involved in trade, production and services, have the opportunity to join forces and represent their common interests in order to increase and enhance the significance of POS in the marketing mix.

    KINGFAR will be very much involved in POPAI in the future and POPAI will be able to benefit from KINGFAR’s specialised knowledge in the field of POS presentation in the retail trade. The main focus of KINGFAR’s involvement in POPAI will be to optimize cooperation with digital media providers within POS and with market research institutes. These are all market players who deal with shopper insights  and multi-channel marketing and moreover,  the resulting implications that impact the creation of POS tools for retail.

    Furthermore,  the seminars offered by POPAI will play a central role in the professional  development of the KINGFAR development team members.

    POPAI organizes the annual POPAI awards whereby prizes are awarded for exceptional  POP solutions in the field of POS and digital media. In the future, KINGFAR will be placing innovative and successful examples of semi-permanent POS tools before the POPAI jury.