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    Mercury Banner Hanger with Suction Cups Hardware Only Product Details:

    Mercury Banner Hanger with Suction Cups Hardware Only

    Product Detail

    Purchase Includes: 2 bars, 2-3 suction cups

    Product Description

    Wondering about how you can effectively promote a sale within your clothing store or decorate the venue of your special event while working within a limited budget? Kingfar’s economical ceiling and window banner hangers allow you to affordably promote your special message without sacrificing high-quality banners, hardware and printed output. The Mercury Banner Hanger with Suction Cups can instantly attach a banner to any glass surface or window. Purchase just the hardware and receive lightweight clear PVC bars with a super-grip technology so your banner—which is not included—won’t fall, as well as suction cups to attach your display to your storefront window. Ideal for boutiques, jewelry stores or even bakeries, you can promote your special products or services right on the window of your business. A quick turnaround time of 48 business hours allows you to receive your window banner hanging system in no time at all!

    Features and Benefits:

    -          22”L or 36”L

    -          2-3 suction cups included

    -          Durable clear PVC material

    -          Top and bottom bar

    -          Super-grip technology

    -          Easy installation

    -          Hang banner (not included) directly from window

    -          Ideal for event or retail storefronts

    -          Lightweight and portable

    -          Budget-friendly marketing tool

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