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    Mini Suction Cups with side pilot hole Product Details:

    Suction cups – 20BH Features

    The suction cups differ in every category. As per the category, the models are also varied. For every product, the features will also differ. Here, we are going to discuss about the suction cups 20BH.

    • The suction cup diameter is 20mm.
    • It is one of the plastic materials.
    • The cups are having side hole in this material.
    • It is available along with the hooks.
    • It is strong absorbability.
    • Environment-friendly material to use.
    • The double suction cups are designed.

    Product Description

    The suction cups 20BH are one among the most powerful sucker as compared to any other suction cups. It has designed with stylish way. The shapes of the sucker will be highly challengeable and it will not make any fire while using it. The raw materials which are used to equip inside the suction cups are very expensive and high in quality.

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