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  • More Than Just Air Alvimar Genesis Shares Their History & View Of Inflatables In POP



    Since 1947 Alvimar Genesis has lead the inflatable POP display industry with their creative and innovative ideas. Not only are they the oldest and largest producer of custom inflatable displays in the USA, but they also hold more patents on inflatable technology than any other inflatable company in the USA.

    The strength of the Alvimar Genesis product line lies in it’s cost effectiveness as compared to other mediums. The types of products they sell are inexpensive, have great advertising and brand impact at the store display and can be made in a multitude of different shapes.

    Through independent research studies by leading trade organizations inflatable replicas have proven to increase in-store sales by as much as 40%.  The Alvimar Genesis inflatable replicas have won numerous awards over their 64-year history beginning with the inflatable “Dino Dinosaur” for Sinclair Oil in 1952. Today they continue to build upon the technology that they have developed over the years to bring clients even better and more unique custom in-store display inflatables.

    Alvimar Genesis is focused on the customer’s needs and objectives. With attention to detail they are able to provide in-house artists concepts and renderings that offer the customer a range of displays to consider. The commitment to customer satisfaction, along with the partnership with numerous trade organizations is a key to the success that continues to place Alvimar Genesis at the top of their industry.

    AGI works hard to take their customer’s ideas and turn them into the very best display possible. It is Alvimar Genesis’ goal to create a final display that the client can be proud of. For these reasons Alvimar Genesis is often designated as the preferred supplier for their clients, and one that they turn to for input in the creative process.

    While Alvimar Genesis is the leader in the custom inflatable industry, they have capitalized on this success to bring to the industry additional unique displays. They include custom shaped die cut floor mats, a unique line of pop-up tents, custom shaped nylon displays, giant outdoor inflatable displays, as well as a new category of electronic signage are just a few of the display categories that Alvimar Genesis can offer to their clients.