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    As a Brand or Shopper Marketer, you are in the business of moving your products off the shelf and into consumers’ baskets. And you likely have a tried-and-true arsenal of resources to do so: print, direct mail, content driven sites, banner ads, tweets, blogs, WOM, in-store demos, shopper marketing programs, P.O.P., in/out displays, and many more.

    Yet how many of those tools actually spotlight the one place you are guaranteed a direct audience with your consumer?

    The shelf is the one place you reach your target every time without the worry of media fragmentation. With 70 percent of all purchase decisions being made in store, it can be the single most important piece of real estate in your mix. At-Shelf Solutions+ focuses on your products at shelf and helps you win at store. Our process of analysis brings insight to your shopper, your shoppers’ habits, and your category in your aisle. We step into your world to develop custom solutions that enable your product to stand out where it counts – at shelf – and move out where it counts – into the basket.

    Isn’t moving product off the shelf and into the basket the goal?
    Do you ask yourself:

    • Does my consumer have trouble finding my sku in a sea of competitors?
    • Do I need a better way to break through the typical retail clutter?
    • Do I find the typical offerings for shelf solutions by national vendors limited, expensive, and generic?

    With sound understanding of each retail channel and the specs inherent in each, as well as a passion for breaking through the clutter, we are your partner at the shelf. We work within your specs and the retailer specs, finding the sweet spot of solutions that work for all the partners including the shopper.

    The result? Products move from the shelf to the basket.

    Why have clients such as Procter & Gamble, Wrigley’s, Hasbro, and Bissell found success with our solutions? Because, from customized glorifiers to fixtures and tools to catch your shopper’s eye, we look at each opportunity individually and tailor solutions for each unique situation.