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    Godrej - Happy Coloring

    Godrej Expert makes a statement at retail - Happy Hair : Happy You - with the launch of a new range of hair color products. This floor stand display is made of MDF and acrylic shelves which contained the products in their shelf-ready-packaging. The icon graphics on the FSU conveyed information and a clear understanding of the product variants to shoppers. This one was spotted at Big Bazaar, Mumbai.  

    Nilon - Cracking the Clutter

    Nilon's Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, a 50 year old FMCG company, wanted to develop a dedicated space in 1000 General Trade outlets for Nilon brand products. Integra Retail commissioned a dip stick study of selected outlets and tried to understand how best to implement the project brief while maintaining a focus on budget as well as geographical locations. Nilon's decided to skip the metros and concentrate on II and III tier towns where they already had a strong presence.

    The modular floor stand design chosen was constructed of wire and wrapped by branded graphic panels. The FSU allowed ample space for product merchandising and shipped flat to reduce damage in transit. To ensure proper set-up at retail, an instructional video was produced and used by the Nilon's sales force in the field. For Consumers loyal to Nilon's - This dedicated FSU is a shoppers one-stop destination!

    Mr. Muscle - Mop it Out!!

    Mr. Muscle and Glade joined forces to launch a new floor cleaning product which combined both variants into an all-in-one cleaner. An MDF zig-zag shaped floor stand with adhesive vinyl graphics applied to the exposed copy areas was the final choice for the retail merchandiser. The FSU was divided in half to promote additional product lines for each of the brands. This unit was spotted at Spencers Gurgaon. 

    Fiama di wills - Fiama's Femme Fatale

    ITC's personal care brand Fiama Di Wills, took its new soap variants on the retail fore-front riding on this curvy and feminine poised floor stand display. The display was closely shaped to represent the number 6 which reinforced the brand message of providing 6 point care and ensuring youthful skin.

    The FSU was constructed of MDF with 2 acrylic shelves. As you can see by all of the large copy areas, the brand was concerned with presence more than maximizing product counts as both shelves only merchandised two variants. This one was spotted at Spencers, Gurgaon.  

    Coca-Cola - Can it Up!

    'Happiness in new shape,' was the mantra of the Coca-Cola FSU spotted at Spencer's Gurgaon. While unique in design, the FSU is also very functional. The shelves were created in a terraced format to optimize product counts and ensure a small footprint in store.

    The top portion of the product replica can merchandised single product servings while the back portion of the FSU has two shelves which are used to keep extra stock. On the visual front, brand colors were used and an acrylic sheet with the Coca-Cola logo was neatly wrapped around 1/2 of the unit. This well designed FSU sure seems to be an appealing winner at retail!

    Gillette - Fused into Retail

    Gillette Fusion made a statement at retail with this cutting-edge POP product stand designed to reinforce the "Comfort of 5" brand messaging. Consisting of a brightly decorated banner stand and booth, this instore demo commanded consumer attention with the larger than life razor cut-outs which were designed using eco-friendly sunboard. This one was spotted at Big Bazaar, Mumbai.

    Budweiser - Grabbing Some Eye-Buds!

    The Budweiser brand has started to make a full-fledged presence at retailers in India. Spotted at Hypercity, Mumbai (in the Livin Liquiz section), this well designed floorstand was created using replica budweiser cans to merchandise 6 packs of beer. Visual interest was enhanced by the illuminated Budweiser logo on the riser and complete can replica located in the center of the vertical product shelves.