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  • Pallet Program Debuts at Walmart Stores

    2012/5/9 Gregory Smith popai


    Henschel-Steinau, Inc, an award-winning retail marketing solutions agency, is helping Walmart shoppers in their ongoing quest to maintain Health and Wellness with a new pallet program that features Claritin and Coppertone products.

    The Claritin/Coppertone Health and Wellness Pallet, which recently debuted at Walmart locations across the United States, establishes Walmart as the place to purchase sun care protection and allergy relief year-round.

    The Claritin/Coppertone Health and Wellness Pallet features an assortment of both Claritin Allergy products and a wide assortment of Coppertone products which provide suncare protection for the entire family.

    “The design accommodates both Claritin PDQ’s and open stock Coppertone suncare products and places them in the very effective, high-traffic Action Alleys in the front area of Walmart stores,” explains Gary Forman, President of Henschel-Steinau. “The program’s design is a fresh approach to providing this type of Health and Wellness solution in the Walmart stores to capture impulse sales in out-of category locations.”

    Graphic panels located at the top of the pallet help educate shoppers on both product lines and guide them through the selection process based on product benefits.

    The multi-material design of the display, using a bookcase structure created from MDF as well as vacuum-formed, color-matched styrene side panels & header mask, meets Walmart’s sustainability initiatives, with the semi-permanent structure cutting down on the amount of corrugated displays which would be used over the almost one year intended lifespan of the program.

    “Henschel-Steinau has made a commitment to sustainable design and creating designs that minimize the amount of materials which are used in all of the multi-material programs that we create for Walmart and other retailers as well,” said Forman.

    The Claritin/Coppertone Health and Wellness Pallet is easy to set up in-store and also features a unique angled top to prevent shoppers or retail employees from placing products at the top of the display which do not belong, including those of the competition. This approach helps to protect the brand’s investment in capturing the critical long-term space at Walmart stores.