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  • PepsiCo and Batman Promotions Still Chillin' In Store


      PepsiCo and Batman Promotions Still Chillin' In Store

    PepsiCo partners up with The Dark Knight Rises to launch global marketing campaign.

    The Dark Knight Franchise and Mountain Dew have kicked off a first-ever worldwide marketing campaign inviting fans to its "Go Inside Gotham City" promotion which includes a wide array of promotional elements in nearly 20 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

    "DEW fans in the U.S. and around the world have incredible passion for the Dark Knight franchise. With DEW's first-ever global campaign we are giving fans the exclusive opportunity to experience Gotham City like never before," said Brad Jakeman, president, Global Beverages Group, PepsiCo. "Mountain Dew is a tremendously successful brand, and we are excited about continuing to find unique and authentic ways to connect with DEW fans and fuel the growth of the brand around the world." 

    DEW fans can experience a variety of market driven activations such as:

    • A new limited-time-only flavor, Mtn Dew Dark Berry, inspired by "The Dark Knight Rises" 
    • More than 800 million bottles and cans featuring on-pack campaign graphics 
    • In-store point-of-purchase retail displays in retailers 
    • Robust TV, cinema, radio and digital advertising will drive mass campaign awareness 
    • Digital access to exclusive, never before seen Dark Knight movie content 
    • Consumer engagement programs, such as the dewgothamcity microsite, offering fans opportunities to collect gear and win prizes.
    With a one-of-a-kind citrus taste, Mountain Dew is PepsiCo's second-largest beverage brand and generates more than $5 billion in annual retail sales. [pepsico]

    In this article, Popon.net will shine the spotlight on a very neat beverage cooler that was spotted at a local supermarket. Complete with mask and cape, this display featured a dimensional Batman figure that appeared to be popping up and out of a cooler filled with refreshing Mountain Dew products. The entire cooler was wrapped with a graphic showcasing the Mountain Dew logo and a web link to the Batman microsite. Sporting wheels for mobility, the display was easily moved to specific merchandising areas within the store.

    Be sure and scroll all the way down the page to access another link which will take you to several more images of Dark Knight related display merchandisers.