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  • Pop Group Announces First Pop Up Heavy Load Bearing Shipper Pop Up Display




    Pop Group today announced the release of the first pop up heavy load bearing shipper Display - The Auto Shelf

    Check out our video on youtube.

    "The global Pop Group business serves the world's most recognized and valuable brands in the industry, and we have achieved this level of success by delivering unique and innovative solutions that help our customers to remain leaders in the retail environment," said Franck Picard, chief executive officer, POP GROUP

    "Being the first real heavy load bearing pop up display, the Auto Shelf will enhance the company's focus on capturing market share and leveraging Pop Group's global capabilities to accelerate the commercialization of differentiated solutions and services to the Retail Industry"

    Pop Group's primary and secondary POS solutions are among the most recognized and highly regarded POS solutions in the marketing & advertising markets today.