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    Razor Suction holder for bathroom Product Details:

    This razor suction easily mounts against tile surfaces via twist and lock suction technology.

    All you need to do is mount and push against a clean tile surface and then rotate the suction cup to lock it in place.

    Color: White or Clear

    Compatible Razors: Fits most common designs except the thick-necked Gillette razors.

    Compatible Surfaces: Suction works on ceramic tile, glass, mirror, acrylic and any other glossy, non-porous surfaces

    Incompatible Surface: Suction does NOT work on marble, granite, laminate, metal, stone, porcelain, dry wall, wood and all other porous surfaces

    Suction Cup Diameter: 1.75"

    Weight: 2oz

    Material: Plastic (Polyurethane) 

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