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    Landaal Packaging Systems of Burton, MI, a family owned business founded in 1959, is currently in the process of changing the way others, especially retailers, view temporary point-of-purchase displays.

    In the past twenty years or so there has been a giant shift in the set-up philosophy for temporary POP displays. Originally, display set-up was done at the store level by the retail associates. This led to many issues for the retail establishment. Historically, corrugated display manufacturers were good at designing structurally sound pieces but often gave little or no consideration to the associate responsible for assembly. This caused wasted time and often led to poorly assembled displays or in the worst case scenario the POP unit would go unused. The second main issue was the perceived added cost of labor which was a huge burden for the retailer. This eventually led to the major retailers insisting that all displays ship fully assembled and packed with product.

    Shipping fully packed-out displays has helped the retailer from a labor cost standpoint but unfortunately that burden, or cost, just shifted to the CPG companies, now responsible to Produce Product/Assemble Displays/Place Product/Prep Assembled Displays for Shipment/Load & Ship.

    The role of Landaal Packaging Systems is to find the proper balance between the CPG cost layer and Retailer assembly effort. The patented POPTECH auto-assembly displays provide the industry with this balance. With quick assembly displays that assemble at retail in between eight seconds and thirty seconds, POPTECH and Landaal are leading the charge to reduce overall total cost for temporary POP units. Consumer product companies can now promote through high quality graphic displays without having to pay a premium cost for labor due to extensive pack out assembly.

    Landaal …..providing innovative packaging and shipping strategies….on time and above expectation! For more information visit www.landaal.com