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  • Scotch Brite Floor Display Communicates and Educates Shoppers at Retail


     Armed with a good understanding of the Indian home-maker's needs, Scotch-Brite has developed an arsenal of revolutionary cleaning products to help a homemaker sparkle her home, both effectively and economically. For over 50 years, Scotch-Brite has been pushing the bar of innovation to help home-makers across the globe with products that assure spotless cleaning and minimal effort. This has always been the guiding principle behind the development of their products ranging from utensil care, floor care, wipes, brushes and various other products for the Indian household.

    But today, the challenge lies in communicating all that the brand stands for, in a way that is as innovative as the products. This certainly involves targeting home-makers at the right time and right place. So what better place to begin with than a Modern Trade Outlet? With the festive season around the corner, cleaning has become a major task at hand, hence the birth of the Scotch-Brite Sparkling Homes Contest. The idea behind the contest was to share tips and tricks to make cleaning an effortless job with the range of smart cleaning tools from Scotch-Brite.

    The aim was to conduct on-ground product demonstrations at major Modern Trade Outlets that would lead consumers to the digitally led contest. The grand prize included a complete makeover of a particular area of the house and a host of other gifts from Scotch-Brite, thus, reinforcing Scotch-Brite as the true 'helping hand' to housewives across the county.

    The new range of products obviously includes something for almost every cleaning requirement. For instance, Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad (with Alox Shakti) is ideal for cleaning regular kitchen utensils while Scotch-Brite heavy duty is ideal for removing tough stains from tavas and kadhais. Likewise, products such as Scotch-Brite scrub sponge can clean more utensils per wash by holding dish wash liquid longer, thereby saving liquid dish soap. On the other hand, products like Scotch-Brite non-scratch sponge is an ideal companion for delicate and non-stick cookware.

    Thus, the fundamental contest objective was to communicate and educate the customers about these products through a touch, feel and experience route rather than using an ordinary stocking unit in order to build an association at the shop floor.

    It is here that the brief was given to Planet Dezign; a Mumbai based strategic dezign and retail solutions company, to create and connect all the dots together. It only made sense to use a house to represent the 'Sparkling Home'. Therefore, bearing in mind the USP of the product, Planet Dezign came up with the Virtual House FSU concept which was a demonstration of an ideal house with visuals depicting the kitchen, washroom and living rooms with products integrated as per usage and requirements. The attempt was to build in elements of recognition and friendliness around the home like a sink, a chimney in the kitchen; a tap, actual tiles, a mini WC in the bathroom, flower vase in the living room.....all of which combined with bright colors and tile flooring, added to the effect of a virtual house. To further enhance authenticity, tiles were added to the roof of the house as well. The products too were ingeniously integrated with the visuals of the rooms and had small snippets proposing their USP's. Here a customer could touch, feel, use and interact with the products and in this process, learn about Scotch-Brite' superiority.

    Since the Sparkling Home was a nationwide contest, this FSU was fabricated and installed at Big Bazaar, Reliance, Star India Bazaar, Hypercity, Spar and Spencer's. There were more than 65 displays installed covering the entire geography of the country without restricting it only to metros.

    The herculean task of fabricating and installing the structure was efficiently managed by Planet Dezign, although fraught with multifarious challenges. Says Sukanya Bose, Director, Planet Dezign, "We came up with the Sparkling Home display unit, where all the products were fluidly integrated into the unit. We had to plan the design elements meticulously which required multiple cues to draw attention, elements to hold that attention and engagement cues to drive sales."

    It was also critical to manage logistics and effective implementation at the store, since the unit was a heavy one and needed perfection in installation and transportation. The other challenge was that each unit occupied a floor space of 4'x4'. The modular displays were manufactured out of MDF and sun board (for the roof and house collaterals), according to Sukanya. With a backend team ably handling dispatch and transportation coordination, the installers could easily put the structure up at retail.

    She adds further, "Lastly, I appreciate the efforts and cooperation of the client for being in absolute sync with us, from designing to execution which undeniably led us to a kind of a fairytale ending for this prestigious project."

    The efforts have obviously borne fruit for Scotch-Brite.  Sanjit Satapathy, GM, Home Care Division 3M India comments, "The display has been highly appreciated by the customers and the retail chains because of its value for quality, customer interaction and overall thought conception. As a brand, we are interested in building the categories and not just blocking the space with stocking units. This philosophy has strengthened our position as a leader in the cleaning tool category. The SPARKLING HOME as a program was an initiative to reach out the customers, sharing their festivity cleaning tasks in order to make it engaging, effective, economical and rewarding."