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    Suction cup based products can provide a versatile solution to organize items throughout the bathroom, garage, office, kitchen, etc. Suction cup hooks or holders are designed at attach to most non-porous, smooth surfaces, such as metal, fiberglass, glass, or tile. Also, to increase the chance of achieving a long-term hold, the surface should be completely clear of soap film or dirt. Here are several practical uses for these products:


    A popular place to use the suction cup accessories, such as the holders, racks, shelves, and bars, is in the bath or shower room. By stacking the shelves or holders to the bathroom tiles it is possible to create unlimited storage space to hold towels, toilet paper, shavers, deodorants, etc. Bathrooms are likely to be the best place to use the PVC suction cups because of the many non-porous, smooth surfaces available.

    Storage shed or garage

    If the buildup of clutter is preventing the proper use of the garage or other storage area, suction cup products might be a practical solution to organize the space. Suction based products can include pots, racks, holders, and hooks which are perfect to help de-clutter the garage. With a proper hold on a non-porous surface, the suction products can accept a surprising amount of weight. However, it still benefits to be careful and avoiding overloading. The most reliable hook or holder has the potential to hold about 10 -13 pounds in weight.


    Suction cups in the kitchen are great for draping a towel or hanging pot holders which keeps items out of harms way, but still making sure they are easy to reach. Purpose-made suction based products are created for the kitchen, such as spice racks, which are great for holding individual spice jars. Similar to the bathroom, the kitchen has a lot of tile or other non-porous surfaces for greater versatility in placement.


    Suction cup products are certain to help organize the office space. A tablet stand for a tablet, smartphone or notepad is certain to help hold the electrical items at the right angle while in use. Also, for extra function, most of the tablet stands come with a tilt or swivel feature for ease in changing the viewing angle. The suction aspect makes it easy to place the stand on a desk, filing cabinet, shelf unit, etc.

    All-in-all, these products make a great piece of equipment for the home, garage, office, or elsewhere that needs a little help with it comes to being organized.

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