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  • Suction Cups- The innovative way to hang banners and decorative items


    These are simple devices which are used for variety of things. Generally, attached to a long handle they are made of rubber and plastic. When pressed at the center with the help, a vacuum is created. The air or water between the rubber cup and the wall is forced out and this helps the suction cup to adhere to the wall. Making use of this process, these devices are used for hanging objects like banners, displays, decorative items, paintings and many other items to a wall or other smooth surface.
    While these days, they are used in industrial and domestic purposes, initially this device was utilized to draw impure blood from deep inside the body especially the internal organs. The suction cup or vacuum cup was developed by the great Greek physician Hypocrites. But more important improvements were made in the 19th century and due to their superior utility the new types of vacuum cups were patented by the manufacturers.
    Though the flat head cup is the most common design, several others are now present to be used for different types of needs. Mushrooms head suction cups, cup with screw and nuts, metal hooks, plastic hooks, metal rings are available for different types of uses. Putting up banners with suction or vacuum cups is easy. There are a wide variety of cups to put up banners in different ways. In fact these types of devices have brought about some revolutionary changes in which things were displayed.
    Suction cups with their ability to adhere to things are used for keeping things in place. For example door mats and rugs are kept in place with the help of these cups. They are used to hang wall hangings and paintings at homes and offices. They are used to hang mirror in the bathroom or bedroom, which is a better option than hammering a nail on the wall. Hanging decorative items and banners with the help of vacuum cups helps keep the walls in good state.
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    Due to the variety of uses and still uses different types are suction cups are developed. With many more innovations going on this device will soon replace iron nails and g ...

    News Release: Suction Cups- The innovative way to hang banners and decorative items
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