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  • Suction cups are devices that are used to hold on to the surfaces without pores.


    They have a shape of the half of a sphere. The device gets its name because of its ability to suck things and perform the suction process. The suction is performed by a process that is called negative fluid pressure of water or air, depending on where it is used. Animals like octopus also use the same technique to suck up things.
    When the suction cup is pressed from the center on to a surface which has no pores or holes, any water or air in between the cup and the surface is drawn out. When one stops applying pressure any more the cup regains its shape as it is made of rubber. Now, in the absence of air or water a low pressure is created in the space between the surface and the cup, while the pressure outside the cup is high. This difference in pressure keeps the cup adhered to the surface.
    Suction cup is a very helpful device and is used widely to suck out things. However the performance of the suction cup depends on a number of things. The surface against which the suction cup is pressed should be completely non-porous and flat. If it is porous, cup will not remain adhered to the suction cup for much long. The design of the cup should be perfect and the rubber used should be of good quality. The time taken by air or water to get back into the suction cup also determines how long the cup will remain adhered to the surface. Apart from these the suction cup should be free from dirt and other types of foreign bodies.
    Suction cups are extremely useful, but are used in combination with other devices. They have many different uses. They are used to attach posters, signs, and show pieces, calendars on refrigerators, floors and even mats. The automobile windscreens also utilize suction cups for small intervals of time. The more common examples are toilet plungers and the other is shampoo holder.
    For suction cups to perform better it should be used in a humidity and dust free environment.