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  • The utility of suction cups


    Whether it is home or office, suction cups are used for their tremendous utility. They find use in sticking different types of things to non-porous dirt free surfaces. They are used at homes in adhering different types of decorative items, show pieces and paintings to wall and refrigerators. A right type of good quality suction or vacuum cup helps ensure that the purpose for which it is purchased is fulfilled. Interestingly, this machine has been in use since hundreds of years. For its utility it is still preferred for different purposes.
    In historic times suction cup was used as a medical device to suck out blood from organs, but now they are used at home and also commercially. Since they stick to smooth, non porous, non greasy surfaces easily they are used to hang different types of objects. They easily stick to glass and metals, but hardly ever sick to wood and surfaces that are rough. Though suction cups are made of plastic or rubber, there are others that are able to resist oil etc. So when a customer buys a suction cup, he must make sure it is suitable for the type of use he is looking for. The vacuum cups made of polyurethane are capable of performing on oily surfaces. Then there are cups with many suction heads.
    The suction cups find several uses. They are used to stick the window shades to the glass in the car to prevent harsh sunlight entering the car. With their ability to stick on to smooth surfaces, suction or vacuum cups help show pieces, paintings and other decorative items to the wall. People also use these devices to adhere clothes hanger to wall.
    Another interesting use for suction cups is to keep the mats and rugs in place. The vacuum cups keep them in and prevent them from moving away from place when people walk on them. Heavy glass plates are now handled with the help of these cups which prevent the plates from falling and breaking. The principle of suction cup is now used in cup darts. Unlike metallic darts which can be dangerous, cup darts stick to the dart board when thrown from a distance. This eliminates the chance of accident if the dart misses the aim.