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  • Vinyl Stick-On Suction Cups Hang or Hold a Wide Variety of Items

    2015/3/20 anver

    A new line of vinyl stick-on suction cups for hanging or attaching items to glass windows, automobile windshields and other smooth nonporous surfaces is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

    ANVER Vinyl Stick-On Suction Cups are molded from translucent PVC and simply press onto glass or other nonporous surfaces to hang or hold a wide variety of items. Featuring a hole for attaching a chain or a mounting nub for press-fitting into another item, these stick-on suction cups resist sunlight, weathering, and will not yellow.

    ANVER Vinyl Stick-On Suction Cups come in 30-, 40-, and 50mm dia. sizes (1.18-, 1.57- and 1.97”). Applications include mounting radar detectors on car windshields, bathroom items for the shower, and all types of artwork and decorative products.