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  • Walls + Forms introduces Scopic™ Pole System



    Walls + Forms Inc. just unveiled Scopic™, a new telescoping pole system for graphics that flexes in height and width to match the available display footprint within retail stores.  Applications run the gamut from gaming to home entertainment, food and beverage, automotive, pet, pharmacy, grocery, convenience store, hardware, clothing and footwear, real estate, sports and recreation, electronics, tools, and much more.

    Freestanding display pole options are available with Scopic™ that quickly adapt to your in-store retail space as merchandising activities change throughout the store.  The pole displays are quickly and easily assembled to a heavy duty flat round base.  The pole telescopes vertically as needed (54” to 92”).  Cross rails suspend merchandising accessories such as posters and pricing boards.  They can also be bridged between two or more poles or suspended from the ceiling.  Using inner and outer cross rails, displays can telescope horizontally enabling the display footprint to expand or contract as required.

    This system can be configured using Scopic™ components to accommodate almost any display requirement.   Components include a base pole connector, threaded pole insert, pole top caps, and OD poles for configuring freestanding displays.  A pole spigot, cross rail outer profile,  cross rail inner profile, cross rail end cap inner, cross rail heavy-duty t-lug inner, cross rail end cap with t-lug outer, cross rail end cap with t-lug inner, and pole connectors are structural pole components for creating multiple display formats and footprints.   A range of unique merchandising accessories that can be mounted to pole connectors and cross rail joiners  such as a price panel, cross rail hook, S hook, poster gripper, and poster gripper eyelet can be used to create exciting displays using price boards, posters, brochure holders, shoe presenters, and shelving and hang-sell accessories. 

    Scopic™ enables you to customize your system to suit your requirements.  It has been designed to allow you to configure your pole display to multiple product lines as in store merchandising plans evolve over time.  This allows for minimal store disruption.  This durable system easily incorporates an array of graphic substrates to maintain continuity of your merchandising campaign or flex with future promotional materials.  The system’s structural independent nature does not interfere with the restocking of products, thus reducing labor costs.

    The Scopic™ pole system offers adjustability and optimum flexibility in width and height to cater to all store environments and in store policy restrictions.  This allows greater viewing of consumer activity, while maximizing “bold” branding communications to drive sales.  It is shipped ready to go with no need for professional installers.  This system is packaged into pre-assembled kits with the necessary tools and easy to follow instructions that minimize installation time and labor costs.   A small footprint allows merchandising in tight spaces thus maximizing ROI for valuable floor space.  It creates impactful displays for any retail requirement. 

    Applications range from pallet and bulk product displays to posters, exhibitions, and window displays; shelf and hangsell displays; wall and floor displays; dump bin displays; brochure, literature, and gift card displays; and ceiling displays.