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  • Why Point of Purchase?


    Point of Purchase and Point of Sale are the terms of marketing strategy adopted to increase or maximize impulse sales or purchase for brands at retail. Research shows approximately 70 percent of all purchase decisions are made at the location instore. And 53 percent of those in-store purchases are made on impulse. These are used to merchandise specific goods and services adopting various visual marketing campaigns to ignite impulse purchase of the product. In other words Point of Purchase advertising is a generic term for display units (e.g. retail display stands, showcases, interactive displays, literature dispensers, poster holders, sign holders etc.) used to merchandise specific goods and services, or as a vehicle for presenting Point of Sale advertising such as printed leaflets, posters, or audio-visual media.

    InstoreMasters has traditionally focused and become the leading suppliers of Point of Purchase (PoP) & Point of Sale (PoS) Display Stands. Renowned for its 18 years of professionalism in Point of Purchase (PoP) and Point of Sale (PoS) advertising solution, InstoreMasters has a high ranking online presence in the Middle East and North Africa region (Dubai, UAE l Riyadh, Saudi Arabia l Doha, Qatar l Manama, Bahrain l Kuwait l Jeddah, KSA l Cairo, Egypt l Beirut, Lebanon l Amman, Jordan l Damascus, Syria l Istanbul, Turkey l Tehran, Iran l Baghdad, Iraq l Khartoum, Sudan l Lagos, Nigeria l Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, India l Moscow, Russia l Colombo, Srilanka l Dhaka, Bangladesh l Karachi, Pakistan). We at InstoreMasters have arranged strategic partnerships with experienced professionals from the European Union (EU), US and Far Eastern suppliers to assure our clients the up-to-date solution for their specific requirementsto outclass its competitors.

    Our regional partners solicited:

    New York – USA, London – UK, Sydney – Australia, Milan – Italy, Paris – France, Istanbul – Turkey, Colombo – Srilanka, New Delhi – Mumbai – Chennai - Bangalore - India