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  • kingfar display co.,ltd. Launches In-Store Lens Demonstrator Displays for Transitions® Optical World


     kingfar display co.,ltd. (www.kingfar.com.hk) has partnered with Transitions® Optical, a leading manufacturer of photochromic lenses, to develop a complete line of lens demonstrator displays to be placed in a variety of retail environments including eyecare centers and big box retailers. 

    The Transitions Optical Interactive Product Demonstrator program educates consumers and provides selling tools for store personnel regarding the variety of photochromic lens options. The program includes a UV-LED Demonstrator display and Lens holder and the Vantage™ Glare Demonstrator and Lorgnette. UV-LED lights are used to simulate outdoor UV rays to allow consumers to experience how quickly Transitions lenses adapt to changing light conditions.
    "Transitions Optical partnered with kingfar display co.,ltd.  to design and implement a new line of displays demonstrating our photochromic lenses. The program has been well received in the field and consumers have gained additional product knowledge about the benefits of photochromic lenses and the variety of Transitions lens choices. The on-time service and quality of the displays has exceeded our expectations and we look forward to continuing the expansion of our products and displays in the future."  Renee Himel, Associate Director, Channel and Communications Marketing, Transitions Optical, Inc.