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    some of you may have a slew of sales assoicates working for you – but some may be running the shop flying solo (that was the case with my former shop).  if you are running things on your own – there will be times when you need to lock the door and take a bathroom break or get a bite to eat or run an errand or two. 

    when these times occur throughout the day, it is wise to leave a note letting your customers know when to expect you back. 

    and aren’t these adorable from See Jane Work ?  I love that you use the clock to draw in the time and there’s a place for extra love notes.  also – they’re post its, so no need to scurry for tape.

    Be Back Soon!


    of course, you can design your own as well.  i made a little purse out of paper and had a sign that peeked out the top that indicated i’d be back soon (when i was open – the paper turned around and read “welcome!”.  i hung the purse from a little plastic suction cup with a hook on the door.

    suction cup hooks

    this way, i didn’t have to remember to grab tape everytime – and the sign looked more polished than a scribbled note.

    one other note for be-right-backers:  aim to either post a time (you can always write a little disclaimer if you’re not sure if you’ll make it!) or simply state that you’ll “be back soon”.  avoid writing “be back in X minutes!” – since no one will know when you left – and they could become frustrated after waiting much longer than your time indicates