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    Razor Holder Suction Product Details:

    Have a razor handy while in the shower using this Suction Razor Holder. A clean and simple way to keep your razor nearby, this stainless steel razor holder works on most hard, flat surfaces.

     Equipped with a single powerful suction cup, this razor holder can fit just about anywhere in your bathroom. The suction cup will secure itself to common bathroom surfaces such at tile, glass or mirrors. The stainless steel finish of the razor blade holder will not rust in a damp environment. The arms of the holder will fit most razor types and are angled to prevent your razor from falling into the tub or onto the floor or countertop. The holder keeps the face of the razor held high, allowing it to stay clean and dry. The sleek design and finish will look great in modern bathroom decor.

     Keep your razor at your fingertips with the convenience of this Suction Razor Holder. Functional and attractive, the holder is great for multi-tasking in your morning shower, keeping sharp razors out of the reach of a child's curious little hands, or saving your blades from a dark, damp vanity drawer.
    Suction Razor Holder Features
    •No tool installation - sticks to hard, flat, slick surfaces.
    •Keep your razor handy - in the shower - or anywhere you need it.
    •Angled holder securely holds a single razor.
    •Stainless steel resists rust.
    •Great to use for travel shaver.
    •Low-profile razor holder is not obtrusive.

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