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    solar display stand,solar energy power,360 degree rotate Product Details:

     solar display stand,solar energy power,360 degree rotate, Solar Turntable Rotary Jewelry Display Stand



    The product does not work, solar cells can be hidden in the body, such as the need for rotation, press the back button, solar panels can automatically pop up from both sides. There can be a positive change LOGO bit flash pictures, are solar powered, The product does not use ordinary batteries, solar-powered, the real energy saving, environmental protection, fashion. In 500LUX light intensity (equivalent to the light intensity within the shopping counter) can display more than 500 grams of weight-bearing products, if the light strong case, you can load up to more than 1,000 grams, are widely used in jewelry, watches, mobile phones, digital cameras products such as display.


    Product surrounded by solar cells, more powerful, as long as light can be driven 360 degree rotating stand, the real green products.
    Suitable for display of mobile phones, cameras, MP3, MP4, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, etc., are widely used in stores, counters, exhibitions and other promotions.

    Packing information

    1, a single package dimensions: 115 * 115 * 50mm

    2, Carton size: 57 * 55 * 24.5cm

    3, Net weight: 10.5 KG

    4, gross weight: 15KG

    5, quantity: 100PCS / Box

    6, a single package for the single hole white co-pack

    7, the product size is 100 * 100 * 45MM 

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